Monday, August 17, 2009


It doesn't look so appealing when you really fight for the best and then you get just good. Life is so disgraceful sometimes, you fight for something but you end up getting what you know is good, but you didn't expect it, whenever one puts sheer efforts into something, the expected results should be really rewarding. This happened to me in soccer this season after working really hard over the summer. I wanted the varsity but i have been put down into the junior varsity. In both cases soccer in the similar thing going on-the game of soccer is still played in both teams. God has plans for us, therefore i have decided to take it as His plan and i should feel satisfied at the JV team because i believe God has great plans for me. I would be glad if His will can be done and mine come second or even fail to happen if its not necessary. I have come to realize that if i can put it as Gods will for me to be in the jv, my life would still be so sweet and i just need to keep working hard and giving my best to accomplish all i have been yearning for.I should remain focused and give it all for the glory of God and hey! varsity i am coming back very soon, beware!!!!!I will not rock my own boat but instead i will let God take charge and show me the WAY! yayayyyyyyyy!

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